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✊♻️ Donor to owner story #4 ♻️✊

This rad little bike was donated by Chris last month and given a new lease of life by volunteers at Social Cycle – a weekly workshop for adults experiencing social isolation and loneliness. The Social Cycle crew gave Chris’s donated bike a thorough refurb, being careful to save any working parts where possible, and learning valuable bike mechanic skills in the process.


When their work was done, the bicycle made it’s merry way to our Young Person’s Earn-a-Bike workshop to be rehomed with its delighted new owner – a 10 year old Syrian refugee. He ‘earned’ his new bicycle by taking part in a workshop which would equip him with essential bike maintenance skills. Like all our Earn-a-Bikers, he now has access to our free drop-in DIY repair workshops so he can keep his bike rolling smoothly and develop his bike mechanic skills at the same time!

Every week at The Bristol Bike Project, we give out up to 10 bicycles through our Earn-a-Bike programmes, including this scheme for young people and another programme for marginalised women. You can help us get more people out on two wheels by becoming a BBP supporter or using our shop!

For the full story of how this bike made its way from donor to owner, check out this link!