The Bristol Bike Project

Our Team

Meet our fantastic team of staff and volunteers
who do everything from spannering in the shop, coordinating our workshops
and tapping away behind computers.

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Julien Shop Mechanic, Fix-a-Bike Coordinator

Big Al Fix-a-Bike Coordinator

Dan Shop Mechanic, After School Bikes Coordinator, Social Cycle Coordinator

Adam Director, Shop Mechanic, Volunteer Night Coordinator, Bike Kitchen

James Shop Mechanic

Krysia Community Coordinator, Womxn's Night Coordinator, Freedom of Movement Coordinator

Jo Project Coordinator, Womxn's Night Coordinator, Freedom of Movement Coordinator

Seonaid Director, Womxn's Night Coordinator

Mike Director, Shop Mechanic, Courses Coordinator, Bike Kitchen

Tris Volunteer Night Coordinator

Chris Director

Tim Earn-a-Bike Coordinator

Simon Volunteer Night Coordinator

Chris Social Cycle Coordinator

Mildred Director, Volunteer Night Coordinator

Joey Womxn's Night Coordinator

Richard After School Bikes Coordinator Coordinator, Cycle Superheroes Coordinator

Tony Caretaker

Davva All Abilities Bike Mechanic

Rob Shop Mechanic, Finance

Ailsa Volunteer Night Coordinator

Evan Volunteer Night Coordinator

Jake Volunteer Night Coordinator

Paco Bike Kitchen Coordinator