The Bristol Bike Project

Donate a Bike

Bring your unwanted bike to us during normal opening hours and we'll find it a new home!

Donate your old bicycle

We are always in need of bikes for our community programmes and would love to find your old bike a new home with someone who would otherwise be unable to access one! We need decent quality bikes with 26″ size wheels or above that are suitable for city riding e.g. hybrids, mtbs.

If you are considering donating a single speed bike then please give us a call before bringing it down as they are unsuitable for our community programmes so we are only able to accept where we have the capacity to strip and/or rebuild for sale. We don’t refurbish small children’s bikes so are unable to accept them. Thank you!

Please bear in mind that any donated bikes need to be in a condition that they can be refurbished and rehomed quickly. If you think your bike is very rusty and/or beyond reasonable repair then please take it to the tip as it wouldn’t be economical or suitable to refurbish.

Please never leave bikes or parts outside our premises when we’re not open to accept them! It isn’t fair on our neighbours and we may not be able to repurpose them which means we will have to use our time and resources to dispose of them.

Bikes donated will be refurbished and either given away as part of our Earn-a-Bike programmes or sold to raise much needed funds for our community workshops.

If we can’t salvage your bicycle, we will always strip them for any usable parts which will then be used on other bikes. Any worn out, damaged or otherwise unusable parts will be passed on to one of our partner organisations for reuse, upcycling or recycling.

Please note:

  • Unfortunately we cannot collect bicycles from you. We don’t have transport!
  • We are unable to offer anything for your donation, either by way of a payment, exchange or part exchange.
  • We cannot accept donations of scooters, skateboards or pushchairs.
  • We don’t take donations of small children’s bikes! Please take these to our friends at the APE project.
Opening Hours

Monday to Friday:

10.00AM – 6.00PM


10.00AM – 5.00PM

“Soooooo great here. Volunteers are knowledgeable, patient and wonderful. Friday kids drop in is legendary. Keeping this part of Bristol's bikes moving. Please donate any unwanted bikes here. They go to the needy not the greedy” Jeff