The Bristol Bike Project

Our Co-op

We are proud to be a co-operative, valuing people over profit
and putting our members at the heart of decision-making.

We are a grassroots member-led co-operative…

putting our community at the heart of decision-making. We share the co-operative values of self help, self responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. Our values are reflected in the way we work and govern. We don’t believe in hierarchies and we place equal value on the work of all our members, regardless of their role. Anyone who works at the Project or who volunteers regularly can become a member.

We recognise that those working and volunteering day-to-day at the Project are best placed to sense needs and to respond to them, and we put trust in our members to take decisions responsibly with the support of others.

We hold regular General Meetings to which all our members are invited to discuss important issues for The Bristol Bike Project community and to help shape our future.

To find out more, please see our online Co-op Handbook.

Co-op Handbook

For more information about how our co-op works please view our online Co-op Handbook.


The main legal document that governs how we organise is our constitution or Articles of Association.

"I’m a coordinator at Raise the Saddle and I assist with the maintenance courses here at the Bristol Bike Project. I’ve been here over two years now. I love the way it’s run here as a cooperative; they value everyone’s opinions and most other places you wouldn’t get that." Seonaid