Freedom of Movement

The Freedom of Movement Scheme hopes to enable and encourage women from marginalised and underprivileged backgrounds to use a bike.

We have created a space in which women can work on a bike and learn simple bike maintenance skills in a friendly, women only environment.

Participants work in small groups with female mechanics who guide them through some basic bike maintenance skills. The sessions are 2 to 3 hours long and participants should expect to leave knowing how to remove the wheels of a bike, fix punctures and service brakes. The bike they have been working on can be taken home as theirs at the end of the session; complete with a lock and set of lights.

We hope that through fixing up a bike that then becomes theirs, participants will gain access to affordable and sustainable transport that will give them more independence and mobility across the city.

Participants are encouraged and welcomed to come back to fix their bike and continue to develop their skills on any Monday night (women only) or on a Wednesday (where the session is for both men and women). There is no booking required to fix your bike after the initial session.

Who is it for?
The Freedom of movement project was set up to tackle the barriers women may feel in terms of cycling and bike maintenance. It is available for women who are long term unemployed, Usually one of the following:

Asylum Seekers or Refugees
Persons with on-going debilitating health problems
Persons with learning difficulties
In sheltered housing
Undergoing a substance abuse recovery programme
On probation


The bike and the session are both free. However we require £20.00 to cover the cost of a good D-lock and a set a lights (worth £30) and essential new parts for each bicycle. This must be paid at the time of booking.

Important information

Freedom of Movement sessions run on Tuesday mornings from 10am to 1pm at The Bristol Bike Project. It is a relaxed and friendly session where the priority is to tech the participant some basic bike maintenance skills and for them to leave with their own bike.

Participants will be guided through a practical session in basic bike maintenance skills. It’s important for them to be informed that it is an interactive session, and they’ll need to be prepared to get involved!

Its useful for individuals to know that there is usually a very limited choice of bikes available, we deal with second-hand refurbished bikes so they’re often more practical than stylish.

If the individual is not a confident cyclist, we recommend they use the 3 free cycle skills sessions provided by Lifecycle. We can set these lessons up for you in advance if necessary.

It’s important that people can make their own way home safely, please make transport provisions where needed.

How to book

If you work at an organisation and would like to refer someone to the scheme please e-mail: or ask the individual to complete the form below.

If you are an individual please fill in this form. You may have to wait for up to one month for a session.

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If you would like to advertise the Freedom of Movement scheme at your workplace feel free to print off this poster.