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Welcome to our new Directors!

The BBP membership has spoken and our new Directors are…

From left to right: Mike Lowe, Mark Brown (HR), Gabi Pau, Chris Hughes (Finance), Dan Powell (Community) and Chris Woodward.

Mike Lowe is a long-standing BBP member and existing Director, working across various areas of the Project – as a mechanic in our shop, teaching maintenance courses and running our popular Bike Kitchen!

Mark Brown is a Wednesday Volunteer Night regular, handy with a spanner and not bad with a pair of scissors either… he runs his own gender-neutral hairdressers, Barber Brown, in Bristol city centre and is at risk of becoming BBP’s resident hairdresser!

Gabi Pau arrived at the Project two years ago and has gone from regular volunteer to coordinator across the Volunteer NightsSocial Cycle and Young People’s Programme, as well as working with our good friends at the APE Project.

Chris Hughes has been a regular volunteer for our lively Fix-a-Bike sessions since the start of this year. Turns out he’s a bit of a finance whizz too!

Dan Powell cam be found at the Project on most days (apart from Wednesdays when he’s busy moving his boat!), either tinkering with bikes in the shop or coordinating the Social Cycle and Young People’s Programme. Like Mike, Dan is also a long-standing member and returning Director.

Chris Woodward is a volunteer and member, most recently providing valuable support to the Project as part of the planning over the future of Hamilton House. When he’s not at the Project, Chris is busy working as a graphic designer and typographer, and with our friends at the awesome Boneshaker magazine.

We’re super excited to have this fab bunch of people supporting the members and staff at the Project!

With thanks to all those who applied, and a huge thank you again to the outgoing Directors (some of whom, you’ll notice, are also incoming!) who have put in so much time and energy to the Project over the years – Andrew Riddington, Jamie Fraser, Luke Friend, James Lucas, James Perrott, Pi Mason, Dan Powell & Mike Lowe.

We’re incredibly proud to be a Co-op and to put our members in the driving seat here at the Project. To read more about how this works, check out our Co-op handbook.