Bike Kitchen

Thursdays 18:00 – 21:30

The Bike Kitchen is a drop-in workshop, open to the public. Come and take advantage of our fully equipped workshop with professional work stands and a full compliment of Park Tools to help you tackle any problem. We also have wide range of new and used parts available to buy as well as access to the internet, if you want to follow a You Tube tutorial. The workshop is managed by an experienced mechanic, however, there is a limit to the amount of help we can offer, especially when the session is busy. We can’t guide you step-by-step through your repair. We can only answer questions and give advice.

If you’re new to bicycle repair and want to learn more, check out our Saturday Maintenance Courses.


Up to 1 hour : £4  /  Up to 2 hours : £6  /  Up to 3 hours : £8  /  Full session: £9

Tea and coffee are available for a donation.