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The Bristol Bike Project Film travels the world!

bbp-dvd-cover‘The Bristol Bike Project: a short film about cycling, recycling & asylum’ was recently screened in four different venues in Kutaisi, Georgia as part of a People in Need programme to use documentary film to raise awareness of human rights issues. The director / producer of the film, Alistair Oldham, was at the screenings and said how struck he was by how audiences empathized with the issues of political asylum in the film, as Georgia has been affected by four different conflicts in the past ten years, which has resulted in large numbers of internal political refugees.The film has also recently screened at the Ekotop Festival in Slovakia and has been used in touring educational programmes in Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic and Estonia. Altogether the film has now been translated into fourteen different languages over the past two years, as well as playing at over forty film festivals all over the world. Notable screenings have included New York, Madrid, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, San Francisco, Prague, Vienna and Milan.

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