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Bikes make you happy!

We’re proud to say we’ve made our way on to Bristol’s Happy List!

Happy Lists were born out of a need to provide an antidote to the rich/celebrity lists which worship at the shrine of the wealthy, the bonus-getters, and the tax avoiders.  In 2008 David Randall decided to create a national Happy List for the Independent on Sunday which would honour a different set of values. As a direct riposte to The Times Rich List, he named  people who, without thought of personal gain or recognition, do so much to make their communities better adjusted places to live, making their cities and thus the country a better and happier place.

Our fabulous founders, James Lucas and Colin Fan, have been named as part of Bristol’s Happy List for 2017 for their work setting up the wonderful BBP. Having a form of affordable transport makes a massive difference both to well-being and opportunity for those marginalised at the edges of society and their vision has inspired hundreds to help out. Over the years a huge number of volunteers have re-built a vast number of unwanted bikes, each one, improving a life.

So here’s to our volunteers, members and supporters – all of whom contribute to the happiness we collectively help spread across Bristol, two wheels at a time!