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Planking in Strawberry Cottage Wood for the new bike shed

A group of volunteers went over to Wales on the Bank Holiday weekend to harvest some planks for our bike shed.  Friend of the project Rob Penn arranged for us to get access to a fallen ash in Strawberry Cottage Wood, an abandoned ancient broadleaf wood brought back to life by Rob in his TV programme Tales from the Wild Wood.

Led ably by Andrew, the project’s Director of Woodsmithery and Finance, we managed to harvest 20 or so planks from the trunk of the ash.  In the next couple of weeks these will be cut to size and slotted into the steel frame of our new bike shed which has been fabricated by the project’s Chief Metalsmith Eric.

It was hard work, but as you can see from the pictures we were blessed with gorgeous weather and a stunning setting for our work – there was also the added bonus of wielding a chainsaw.

Thanks to the whole bunch of old planks for their hard work on the day. From left to right, Tom T, Chris, Ridders (Andrew), Giacomo, Eric and behind camera James P.