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New City. New Bike.

We recently featured in the fantastic CBBC documentary, ‘New Boys in Town’* about Adel, a young refugee from Syria. Having moved to Bristol, and in need of a way to get around town, Adel signed up for our Young Person’s Programme to get a bike and learn some maintenance skills with Dan, our Youth Coordinator. The documentary gives an insight into what it’s like for young boys like Adel arriving in a new country, and the important role that bikes play in helping people settle in.

Dan writes about his experience filming with CBBC and his time with Adel. *We feature from 21:54!

“Last year I was approached by TV production company Drummer who were making an educational documentary for CBBC to spread awareness of what Syrian child refugees in the U.K. experience.

They had heard about our Young Person’s Earn-a-Bike programme, whereby we provide bicycles to young people who can’t afford them and thought the young person they were filming would benefit greatly, having been in Bristol for months and had only seen the local supermarkets. I wholeheartedly agreed.

It felt nerve wracking being on camera even though I was just doing my job but all the crew were very supportive. It was humbling to see the young chaps face light up when I showed him the bike we were going to work on, which also helped quell my nerves.

We finished preparing the bike together and off he went, I had to wait until the programme was aired to find out what happened next. That truly warmed my heart, to see him cycling through the city with his friends and a big smile on his face.”

After watching the programme, Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press) sent us a copy of this wonderful book ‘After Tomorrow’ by Gillian Cross which imagines a world where British children are refugees.

We’re touched by the gesture, and grateful for the books and programmes like this highlighting the lives of refugees.