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Monthly Maintenance: Keep your bike fine-tuned on the fly…

November’s top maintenance tip comes from our punk-loving mechanic, Pi.

Barrel-adjust-EUHHH??! Ever wondered what those twiddly things are, that sit at the end of your brake or gear cables? They may not look like much, but they’re a magic trick for fine tuning. Screwing them out – anti-clockwise – extends the length of the outer-cable run while leaving the length of the inner-cable unaffected. Thus the inner-cable gets tighter. Screwing them in – clockwise – does the opposite. This allows you to tighten your brakes without lifting a foot from the pedal, or fine tune your gears to make index systems work perfectly.

Don’t quite get it? Check out this video, or pop into our shop and one of our mechanics will be happy to demonstrate!