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Monthly maintenance: DIY biodegradable bike lube!

This month, we thought we’d give a bit of a plug to our favourite suppliers of bicycle maintenance products which are kind to both people and planet… Green Oil!

Green Oil are leading the way in green and sustainable bicycle maintenance products, raising awareness of the harm petrochemicals and PTFE can do in a workshop environment, in your garage, and to the rivers and seas we all enjoy. Their products are made in Britain, skin safe and use the greenest materials from recycled (not just recyclable) plastic in their bottles to plant based fully biodegradable formulas.

We’re proud to use Green Oil in our community workshop and trading arm – and it’s also available for you to buy in our shop!

Because we love a bit of DIY here at BBP, for those who want to go a step further here’s a video by Simon Nash from Green Oil about how you can make your own biodegradable bicycle lubricant at home!