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Family Days – Now every month!

Bring your beautiful little bikes down the the Bike Project for our monthly family days. It’s a chance for children and parents, no matter how old or young, to use the tools and get the support they need to fix their own bikes, and it’s free! (Donations welcome!)

Set up by a volunteer group of local parents, event organiser Imogen Pettitt had this to say:

“I picked up second-hand bikes for myself and my son but I didn’t have the tools to fix them at home. I realised that this is the same for most parents, so we’re hosting these monthly sessions! ”

Alex, a Bike Mechanic, and his son will be on hand to help with any tricky bits. He told me that it’s a great way to learn about physics and engineering.

“My son loves learning about bike mechanics, it’s a lovely idea and I’m looking forward to helping all the parents and children   on the 12th”  Alex Wilson, Bike Mechanic

It’s not just for budding mechanics though, we always have a few extra activities from decorating your bike and other cycle-based crafts, to wheel dome building, spin painting and pedal powered smoothies plus opportunities to talk to parents about child seats and other kid carrying systems.

I’m going to cycle more with my daughter on my bike so I want to see what’s out there!” Emily Stewart, local parent

Emily’s husband, Iain, will be helping with the Bike Swap on the day. “ We’ve been lucky”  he said “Someone gave us their child’s old bike, it’s in perfect nick. It’s a crying shame so many kids bike’s are scrapped when they could be swapped, often they’ve hardly been used!”

We’re really looking forward to opening the workshop to more people, see you on the 14th!