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Deutsche Borse Photography and Jim Goldberg

Slightly off topic and unrelated to bikes but I thought it might be of interest to some people. It’s that time of year again for the Deutsche Borse photography prize and one of the nominees this year is Magnum photographer Jim Goldberg. He’s nominated in particular for a body of work that can be found in his book “Open See”, which documents the plight and travels of refugees around the world.

Jim Goldberg collage

I’m a big fan of photographers such as Robert Frank and Frank Ockenfels with their cut ‘n paste images combined with text, so Goldberg’s work really appeals to me. I love the scrapbook aesthetic he uses in Open See and the impact is made even stronger by the subject matter. Great to see someone up there nominated that is doing such important work highlighting issues as well as producing really interesting photo journalistic / documentary work.

A bit more information on his Open See book and his other work can be found at the Magum website…