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Co-operate: This is how your city grows…

We love this short film celebrating co-ops by Blake House Filmmakers Cooperative and Co-operatives UK, set to a beautiful poem, Co-operate, by Isaiah Hull. Full transcript provided below.

We’re proud to be featured alongside many amazing UK Co-ops including our local friends The Bristol CableCafe KinoCentrespace Gallery and Bristol Co-operative Gym!

Here’s our favourite line…

This is how your city grows… Your city’s limbs aren’t lopsided. They yearn to grow in equal length and not through competition but co-operation of each, the people’s strength.” 

[vimeo clip_id="278457108" width="600" height="338" align="left"]

Co-operate by Isaiah Hull

Like a smile owned by its teeth,
Like a kiss sold to yourself,
This is how your city grows.

Like the tender limbs of trees
Let our timber lenders breathe in,
This is how your city grows.

From hand to hand, a relay sport
How we shape thought into word,
Every awe we build from Earth
As if the rain falls
In reverse to feed the clouds.

Like a self-healing heart
Your city grows impossible,
This commonopolis

Not made of steel
But give and take,
Count your currency in character
Instead of money that your minutes make


Your value doesn’t need to lie.

Your city’s limbs aren’t lopsided
They yearn to grow in equal length
Not through competition
But cooperation of each the people’s strength.