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Teaming up with artists to support our Project!

Earlier this month we received an email from Hannah who was just about to launch Ink+Paper, her small business which works directly with artists to collate diverse and exciting art postcards and prints and package them in a subscription service delivered to your door.

The business idea is beautiful in itself: supporting artistic creativity and talent and connecting art to art-lovers. They are also looking to have a positive impact on the people and places around Bristol by donating a percentage of profits from each pack to initiatives across the city working to improve the lives of communities and individuals. When Hannah wrote to ask us if we would be happy to be one of their supported causes, we were delighted!

It is both humbling and deeply rewarding to know that other socially-minded people and businesses across Bristol think of us and want to support our work. The support we receive – whether in the form of money, bikes, time, or anything else – is hugely valuable and makes us proud to be part of a city where people, organisations and businesses work together in a spirit of community and co-operation.

You can pre-order this beautifully curated January pack from the Ink+Paper website now and a donation will go towards our community work to get more people out on bikes.

About Ink+Paper

Ink+Paper started as an idea to make discovering great art and design easy and enjoyable. I love the idea of helping to connect artists and art-lovers. I also wanted to try and build something that could give back to my community. The result is a subscription service that curates beautiful collections of art, as print and postcards, and donates part of the proceeds from each pack sold to a wonderful local cause aimed at improving the lives of individuals and communities in Bristol. The supported cause for the current collection is The Bristol Bike Project!

Ink+Paper searches high and low on your behalf to find wonderful artists and designers to work with, from successful full-time creatives to aspiring talent. Ink+Paper aims to become known as a source of exciting and unusual art products, where you know you will always find something engaging, beautiful and fun! Every 2 months I’ll be working with artists to put together a new collection of art, with subscriptions available to receive an art print, a pack of postcards or both. High quality materials and hand-finished presentation ensure a beautiful product will be dropping through your letterbox!

For more information and to check out our current collection and subscribe visit:

Artists featured in the current collection: Steve Wade, Katherine Tromans, Adam Fisher, Jamie Patterson, Carolina Buzio, Carla Jennings