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Beth’s winning ‘BIKES WITHOUT BARRIERS’ t-shirt design!

We’re excited to announce the winner of our t-shirt competition is this awesome ‘BIKES WITHOUT BARRIERS‘ design, by Beth Breeden. The design was a huge hit with the judges, who loved the bold artwork and powerful message – it even matches our cycling caps!

Beth Breeden , who describes herself as ‘a maker from the wilds of Wales’, has volunteered at the Project and, through her artwork, promotes a message very similar to that in the workshop of sustainability and empowerment. We asked Beth to tell us about the inspiration behind her fab design. Here’s what she had to say:

I came to Bristol barely able to ride a bike – and, thanks to the Project, I left riding everywhere, but also fixing my own and my friends bikes. Evenings spent volunteering in the workshop make up some of my happiest memories of being a student.

Motivated by seeing people make such a difference, I decided I’d work hard to use my art & design skills to help catalyse change wherever possible. My creative practice focuses on themes of DIY, Repair and Sustainability. I’m super excited for my design to represent an organisation I admire so much!

We’re excited to have Beth’s new t-shirt design for sale in our shop soon, and proudly displaying our ethos on cycling bods across Bristol. They’re not here yet though, so be patient and watch this space…!

The t-shirts will be sold for £12 and all the proceeds will go back to support the community work we do here at The Bristol Bike Project.

You can check out more of Beth’s work, like this ‘I can learn to fix this’ postcard, on her Instagram @beeinthebig.