Donate a Bike


Your unwanted bicycle keeps us rolling!

Bikes donated to the project will be refurbished and given away as part of our Earn-a-Bike scheme or sold to raise much needed funds. Depending on their condition, they may also end up being stripped down for parts which will then be used on other bikes. Any worn out, damaged or otherwise unusable parts will be passed on to one of our partner organisations for recycling.

We graciously accept any and all donations, be it complete bicycles, parts or accessories. However please note that:

  • We cannot collect bicycles from you.
  • We are unable to offer anything for your donation, either by way of a payment, exchange or part exchange.
  • We cannot accept donations of scooters, skateboards or pushchairs.

Please note: We can no longer take donations of children’s bikes! Please take these to our friends at the APE project. Details on their website.

Our opening hours are located here. For more information, please get in touch.