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The Pinhole Pedallers

The Pinhole Pedallers will be touring the South-West of England this coming September with a custom-built giant camera – a 3×3 meter collapsible light-tight space that offers new views of the outside world. This’ll be set up at landscapes across the South West as well galleries including the Centre for Contemporary Art in the Natural World and projects like the Bristol Bike Project. Members of the public are invited inside the camera to participate in workshops that aim to reconnect people to their landscape and encourage creativity. After reaching their final destination Lacock Abbey, home to the founder of photography Henry Fox Talbot, the Pedallers will put together an exhibition of images and words created by the public along the ride.

The Pinhole’s are looking for support to help make this happen and need to raise £1000 by the 31st July. All donations receive a reward, so check out the short film here and pledge what you can!