Since the project’s inception, several short films have been made about the project and its users. Please get in touch if you are a filmmaker and would be interested in creating a film about any aspect of the project.



The Bristol Bike Project: 10 years and counting…

A film about the journey of The Bristol Bike Project, from tiny back garden operation to the dynamic community hub it is today, told by the people at the heart of it.

Made by Touchpaper Productions.

Tea & Tinkering

A film about our Social Cycle programme, a weekly workshop for adults experiencing social isolation.

Made by Touchpaper Productions.

Co-operate | A Film to celebrate #coopdifference

A short film celebrating co-ops by Blake House Filmmakers Cooperative and Co-operatives UK, set to a beautiful poem, Co-operate, by Isaiah Hull.

We’re proud to be featured alongside many amazing UK Co-ops including our local friends The Bristol CableCafe KinoCentrespace Gallery and Bristol Co-operative Gym!

Not through competition but co-operation of each, the people’s strength.


Bike to Bestival

A film about the 2018 Bike to Bestival where Bristol riders raised nearly £4,000 for The Bristol Bike Project’s Earn-a-Bike Programme.

Made by Sam Beasor.

The Bristol Bike Project – A Community Workshop

From Charlotte Hay on Vimeo.

The Truth about Youth short film

A group of 14 budding film makers on a Prince’s Trust course teamed up with The Bristol Bike Project to produce a documentary celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Stokes Croft-based community bike workshop. The environmental film was created as part of a three-week Truth about Youth course, which helps local unemployed young people gain the skills and confidence they need to find work, while highlighting the positive contribution that young people make to the community.

Dean’s Story

A short account of Dean’s time volunteering at the Bristol Bike Project and how it has helped him.
Soundslide by Nick Hand. See more of his fantastic soundslides from his Slowcoast bicycle journey here.

Volunteers & Project Users

A short film made in December of 2010 about the project and some of its regular volunteers and project-users. Made by Josh Smith.

The Observer Ethical Awards 2011

A short film made by The Observer to celebrate the project winning the 2011 Grassroots Ethical Award. Made by Mark Green for The Observer.

Sean’s Experience

A testimonial by Sean from Bristol Drugs Project, explaining how earning a bicycle through our Earn-a-Bike Scheme has made a difference to his everyday life.

The Bristol Bike Project

This short documentary tells the story of the project from the perspective of two people applying for political asylum to stay in the UK, Daahir from Somalia and Aziz from Afghanistan. In this way the film attempts to draw together the different elements that the Bike Project represents : namely cycling, recycling and giving help to disadvantaged and marginalised members of society, in this case political asylum seekers. It has been very well-received and has been screened around the world as part of the Bicycle Film Festival.  The Ministry of Education in Georgia also included it as part of their methodology of teaching through documentaries!